How To Transfer Bharat Gas Connection?

Bharat Gas provides the best LPG gas services in all our country and recovers almost 3 corers families in India. They provide many services to all consumers, it also provides online booking services, new connections, and further services for all consumers. There are some situations when the consumer wants to transfer her gas connection. The transfer connection is required for the consumer when he/she shifted to the same place or another place, and at that time the most important thing is you have to relocate your gas connection.

The Bharat Gas Transfer Connection process will be easy and trouble-free. This procedure was completed within a small number of days. There are some documents, which are required for transfer gas connection.

Required documents for Transfer Bharat Gas Connection are:

  • Ration Card,
  • Electricity Bill,
  • Passport,
  • Employer’s Certificate,
  • Voters Identity Card,
  • Flat allotment / possession letter
  • Telephone bill,
  • Rent Receipt.

Steps for Transfer of Bharat Gas connection

For Transfer gas connection, there are two ways online and offline, both methods are very simple and consumers can easily be done the procedure of transfer connection. In an online way, simply you have to visit the official website of Bharat Gas, then log in with your ID and password, then open the transfer connection page, then fill in all the details such as your name, consumer number, and other information which are given there.

After doing the online procedure, you have to visit the nearest Bharat gas agency, with other obligatory documents. Then your gas connection will be transferred within 7 days. In an offline way simply have to visit the nearest authorized gas agency and met the distributor and told him about your transfer connection and give him all the required documents copies and complete the whole procedure of transfer connection.

Transfer Bharat Gas Connection into the same city or another place :

In the procedure of transfer connection into the same city, the existing dealer will be issued on the production of the Subscription Voucher,  this voucher will be issued only for three months from the issued date. The customer can take this voucher and give him to the new distributor, then he will be issued a new Subscription Voucher and CAT.

If you are transferring your gas connection to another place, so first you have to collect the termination voucher from the current dealer of your connection, then your caution deposit money gives you in that condition when you submit the subscription voucher. The domestic gas holder card can be used for gas connection in the new are from the new distributor.

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